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Mop & Broom Holder With Hook

Mop & Broom Holder With Hook

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Tired of a messy mop closet? Say goodbye to clutter with our Mop & Broom Holder With Hook! Hang mops and brooms of any size easily with its strong load-bearing capacity. No more slipping or falling - keep your cleaning tools organized and within reach.


šŸ§¹ Use it to solve the messy mop problem: Multifunctional mop frame. High-quality material selection/Movable hook/General storage/Strong load-bearing capacity.
šŸ§¹ Different thickness specifications can be hung: Rods within 2.8cm in diameter can be easily hung. All kinds of mops/brooms/mops can be easily hung.
šŸ§¹ Easy to pick up: Buckle and clamp easily. Click, quick lock, stable and will not fall or slide.
šŸ§¹ Silicone-wrapped fixation: Firm and stable without hurting the grip. Soft silicone is not easy to hurt hands.
šŸ§¹ Strong bearing capacity: Stronger and more stable. No punching. Strong bearing capacity. Stable and will not fall.


- Multifunctional mop frame
- High-quality material selection
- Strong load-bearing capacity

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