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Heart Beat Otter

Heart Beat Otter

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Is your baby having trouble falling asleep? Introducing the Heart Beat Otter, designed to comfort your little one just like you do.


šŸ» Soft Belly Movement: Mimics breathing to naturally soothe your baby.
šŸŽ¶ Calming Music and Sound Effects: Up to 30 minutes of soothing melodies.
šŸ’” Soft Lights: Provides a gentle glow for added comfort.


- Soft plush fabric
- Satiny tail
- Battery operated


Simply turn on the Heart Beat Otter and let its soft belly movement, calming music, and gentle lights work their magic to help your baby relax and fall asleep peacefully.


Q: How do I clean the plush otter?
A: The otter can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.
Q: Is the otter suitable for newborns?
A: Yes, the teddy bear is safe for newborns and up. As with anything, make sure to follow safe sleep guidelines as recommended by your Pediatrician.

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