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360 Spin Car Mop

360 Spin Car Mop

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Are you tired of spending hours scrubbing your car to get it clean? Introducing the 360° Spin Car Mop - the revolutionary car cleaning tool that makes washing your car a breeze! With its self-spinning brush head and soap dispenser, this innovative mop will have your car looking shiny and new in no time. Say goodbye to tedious hand washing and hello to effortless cleaning with the 360° Spin Car Mop!



🚗 360° Self-Spinning Brush Head: Effortlessly wash your car with the brush head that spins automatically, reaching all areas under water pressure.
🪚 Long Handle & Soft Bristles: Extendable up to 39.4 inches with scratch-free Chenille microfiber bristles for easy cleaning of car top, sides, and corners.
🧼 Spinning Brush with Soap Dispenser: Rotates 360° to deliver foam, making it the fastest and easiest way to clean your car without scrubbing.
🚿 Water Flow-thru Design: Connects to a garden hose for easy washing without the need for a bucket, saving time and energy.
🌿 Multi-Functional Use: Can be used as a garden hose nozzle sprayer for various cleaning tasks around your home.


- Brush Material: Chenille Velvet
- Outer Brush Material: PP
- Hydraulic Gears: Three Gears Adjust


1. Connect the mop to a garden hose and faucet.
2. Push the brush gently around the car to dispense soap and remove dirt.
3. Enjoy a sparkling clean car without the need for scrubbing or bending over!


Q: Is the 360° Spin Car Mop easy to use?
A: Yes! Simply connect it to a garden hose and let the spinning brush do the work for you.

Q: Can I use the mop for other cleaning tasks?
A: Absolutely! The mop can be used for washing cars, floors, windows, and even for watering your garden or washing pets.

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