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Cat Silvervine Chewing Stick

Cat Silvervine Chewing Stick

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Can't stand your cat's bad breath? Looking for a natural solution to improve their oral health?


šŸŒæ Kills 98.99% of Oral Bacteria: Say goodbye to bad breath and plaque buildup.
šŸ± Safe Cat Toys: Made from 100% natural silvervine stick, safe for your furry friend.
šŸŒŸ Interactive & Healthy: Promotes dental health and relieves stress through play.


- Natural silvervine stick
- Hand-woven organic silvervine sticks and gall fruit
- Contains dietary fiber for improved digestion


Simply give the Cat Silvervine Chewing Stick to your cat to chew on. The natural ingredients work to eliminate bad breath, plaque, and tartar while promoting dental health.


Q: Is the gall fruit safe for cats to consume?
A: Yes, the gall fruit is edible and safe for cats.
Q: How often should I give this toy to my cat?
A: It can be used daily as a safe and enjoyable chew toy for your pet.

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